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We sell a curated selection of high quality safety products for dogs

Lighted Dog Collar
  • Lighted Dog Collar
  • Lighted Dog Collar
  • Lighted Dog Collar
  • Lighted Dog Collar
  • Lighted Dog Collar

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Rechargeable Lighted Dog Collar - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship within a few weeks. (We will notify you by email when to expect delivery.)
If you walk after dark you know how dangerous it can be.  Cars can't see you so crossing the street can be scary.  Lighted dog harnesses, leashes and collars can keep both you and your dog visible at all times. Available in bright safety-minded colors!

The NITEBEAMS LED Collar is the brightest and most durable lighted dog collar available. Unlike a single light attached to a collar, a Nitebeams collar has 360-degree visibility.


NiteBeams LED technology is brighter due to the number of LEDs on each collar and the quality of our LED technology.

Our collars have more lights : Small collars: 5 LED's, Med Collars: 6-LEDs, Large Collars: 8-LEDs.

  • HIGH VISIBILITY: up to ¼ mile from any direction. More LED's equate to more VISIBILITY AND SAFER WALKS FOR YOU AND YOUR DOG
  • RECHARGEABLE:  USB Rechargeable  (charging cord included)
  • Charging time approximate 1-2 hours. Charge as needed, 8-10 hours per charge
  • WEATHER-RESISTANT: Good for those dark rainy days
  • THREE LIGHT MODES: Flashing, Constant, Off.
    SMALL neck circumference 9-13 inches 0-15 pounds
    MEDIUM neck circumference 13-19 inches 15-60 pounds
    LARGE neck circumference 19-24 inches

    60-105 pounds

How to recharge your collar: