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Dog Leash Safety Strap
  • Dog Leash Safety Strap
  • Dog Leash Safety Strap
  • Dog Leash Safety Strap
  • Dog Leash Safety Strap

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Leash Safety Strap - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship within a few weeks. (We will notify you by email when to expect delivery.)

Do you need to have a leash on both harness and collar, or to two collars for safety but don't want to deal with additional bulky leashes?  Our Leash Safety Strap is the solution! 

Tie the Safety Strap to your dog's leash, then clip to both harness and collar. 

Anxious that your leash hardware might break mid-walk?  The Leash Safety Strap serves as the perfect backup!  You can clip both your leash and the safety strap to the D-ring of your dog's collar for double security!

Lightweight woven cord provides back-up attachment for your normal walking gear.  This is an excellent accessory for Spook Harnesses!  We only have black available at this time.  Each strap is 9 inches long in total, and 8 inches long when attached to a leash.

Sharon's Thoughts:
I've used this strap with an older leash that I couldn't stand to part with but didn't trust the clasp.  It's saved me a few times when I suddenly found Capri wandering off without me!

Here is a short video showing how to use the Leash Safety Strap: