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Spooky Dog Harness
  • Spooky Dog Harness
  • Spooky Dog Harness
  • Spooky Dog Harness
  • Spooky Dog Harness
  • Spooky Dog Harness
  • Spooky Dog Harness

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Spooky Dog Harness - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship within a few weeks. (We will notify you by email when to expect delivery.)

If you are the lucky owner of a spooky or skittish dog, you know how nerve wracking it can be to walk them safely. And while none of us ever wants any of our dogs to get loose, it's ever so much more dangerous if the loose dog is a spook.  Spooky dogs are more likely to panic and bolt at sudden noises or unexpected movements or flashes of light and are then much harder to catch!

Made by Houndstown or Majestic Collars, our Spooky Dog harnesses have three adjustable straps that snap together with side release buckles.  The three straps are perfectly designed to snugly fit the curvy body shape of greyhounds, galgos and whippets and can even be used on other breeds with a similar body shape (doberman, standard poodle, etc.)  No dog can back out of a properly-fitted Spooky Dog Harness.

The reflective color options also have reflective strips sewed along all three straps, providing visibility in dark conditions!

You can use two leashes, one connected to the dog's collar and one to the Spook Harness for maximum protection, or you can use one leash connected to the harness.   The harness  has one D-ring on the back and is lined with satin to prevent chafing.

This is not a martingale harness so it is not designed to discourage pulling.  Do not use this harness with a retractable lead; that defeats the purpose.  This harness is designed to be combined with a sturdy nylon or leather lead for an unbreakable safety line to your spooky dog, preventing escapes. 

Adjustable at eight points for a perfect fit!

  • at the waist loop
  • both sides of the under-chest loop
  • between the front legs
  • both sides of the neck
  • forward and rear ends of the back strap

Medium size harness generally fits dogs 55 - 80 pounds but measure as shown for best fit.  Size Guide (See measuring diagram):

 Small Medium
Neck (inches) 15-19 20-25
Chest (inches) 23-32 25-36
Waist (inches) 18-25 19-26
Back Length (inches) 11-13 13-16