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We sell a curated selection of high quality safety products for dogs

Puplight Dog Safety Light
  • Puplight Dog Safety Light
  • Puplight Dog Safety Light
  • Puplight Dog Safety Light
Puplight Dog Safety Light - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship within a few weeks. (We will notify you by email when to expect delivery.)

Don't you hate having to carry a flashlight when walking your dog in the dark?  Puplights let your dog carry the light for you!

Loki and Capri both wear Puplights during the winter months.  They're ideal for evening walks when it's dark outside.  We actually detached the light from the collar it comes with and attach it to their walking harnesses instead.  We found that when the light is attached to the front of their harness, it directs the light straight forward, lighting up our path.  That saves us from having to carry a flashlight and also is a terrific safety measure for ensuring that cars see us crossing the street.  We've also found that the batteries tend to last about 1 to 1.5 years with this type of usage, so we just replace the batteries every fall in preparation for the "dark season". 

The LED lights are SUPER bright!  Neighbors have chuckled at my dogs having their own "headlights".

It comes with an elastic, reflective collar with a collar extension to fit larger dogs. Made of polycarbonate plastic and nylon. Water Resistant - if it starts to rain or if light gets splashed. The collar extender strap expands the collar to fit necks up to 26" in diameter.  Use the light without the collar and put it on any sized dog!


  • Has 3 Ultra-Bright White LED's.
  • Illuminates up to 200 feet in front of dog and 70 feet to the side
  • Dog can be seen coming 3 blocks away and 1.5 blocks from behind
  • Light shines brightly for 150 hours continuously
  • Uses 3 AAA batteries